Ceist, Ceol, agus Cupla Focal

(A Question, Some Music, and a Couple of Words)

Join our erudite host, Ken Day, each week for podcasts exploring Irish history and culture, celtic music, and the Irish language.

Grab a cup of tea (milk with extra sugar), a pint of Guinness (hard cider for the ladies please), or some Irish whiskey (single malt scotch can be wonderful but we prefer single malt Irish whiskey made in a pot still). Test your Irish cultural literacy by answering Ken's weekly question and listen to our talented friends perform celtic music be it folk or traditional or afro-celt or new age or even a rowdy pub song!


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There's at least a little Irish in all of us -
Quotation from our show host spoken in a philosophical
mood in a pub in Dingle after only one pint



Click for Episode 1
(features Appalachian Celtic Consort)

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(features the Standing Stones)

Episode 3 coming soon!


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